Conquest of the Stolen Lands

The Birth of a Nation

It has been a full year since the nation of Greensward has been founded and its capitol city, Wardenholm built upon the very ground which the infamous Stag Lord made his home. Colonists from Brevoy came south to populate this new nation and begin working as lumberjacks, trappers, hunters, and traders. Noble houses affiliated with Duke Peekwoh of House Orlovsky and Councilor Edobahn Vooth of House Lebeda saw this as an excellent opportunity to expand their power base. Proud tribesmen and tribeswomen of Clan Stonebreaker followed as well.

During that year, the Captial City faced a small incursion of bandits, remnants loyal to the Stag Lord seeking revenge of their revered leader. The infamous highwaywoman, The Silver Stiletto, was also quickly caught and put to death, boosting the confidence of the people that their rulers believe in swift justice. However, its rulers were not immune to scandal as it was exposed that Baron Peekwoh was carrying on an affair with Grand Diplomat turned Magister Svetlana Leveton. Suffice to say, Treasurer Oleg Leveton was none too pleased. He quickly divorced Svetlana, resigned his position of treasurer, and left in an unknown directoring, vowing revenge upon Peekwoh and Svetlana.

After the party slowly began building their nation, the lure of adventure and exploration creeped once again by deciding to check out the area around Tuskwater Lake. Shaking off the rust from being away from the action for a year, the party did not miss a beat after defeating Old Crackjaw, a carnivorous man-sized turtle. However, the party nearly was beat not soon afterwards by a 25ft tendrilicous who reminded everyone just how dangerous the deep wilds of the Greenbelt can be.

The ancient, mysterious and haunting Candlemere Tower located on an island in the middle of Tuskwater lake was also discovered (The party later learned that this area was an ancient worship area to the alien entity known as Yog-Sothoth). Otherwise, this location, once Hallowed, can proved to be an excellent area to build a city.

The party also met a couple of interesting natives of this area; The Old Beldame and Jubilost Narthopple of the Narthopple Expedition (see NPC section).

Deciding to travel through Wardensholm in order to investigate the Lonely Barrow, the party discovers that not all is well in their capital city as they learn there has been some murders…



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