Conquest of the Stolen Lands

A Stinging Defeat

I apologize for not getting this journal entry to you sooner. Experience Points to come tonight. Three key events took place in this session:

1. The Rescue of Tig Tennersen: The session started right off with last game’s Cliffhanger finish. Poor little Tig hung up by his ankles over a pit of blood caims in the hut of King Vesket, where he is praying to his ‘ancestral spirit’ who just happens to be a will o’wisp unbeknownst to him. The party goes on a daring rescue, cleverly sneaking their way onto their walled island village. General Dorn Stonebreaker literally tore the ‘large and in charge’ King Vesket in half while the party dealt with the will O Wisp with acute efficiency. With the King dethroned, the lizard folk harem declared themselves to Dorn. Believing it to be a bad idea, Dorn passed the crown onto one of the Lizard Folk braves, while ensuring that the lizard folk tribe swear fealty to the rulership of Greensward. He did however, get to spend a night with the Lady Lizards before handing over the crown. Tig was returned to his parents back in Wardensholm, physically and mentally damaged from over 6 months of abuse by the Wisp.
2. The Cult of Gyronna: When the party returned back to Wardensholm, Duchess Svetlana and Nation Spymaster / Flirt Lily Teskertin warned the party that a Cult of Gyronna, the Hag Goddess of Malice and Spite has been taking hold in the city, with a barmaid, two prostitutes, and three gilted lovers succumbing to the dark lure of the high priestess, Niska Mazgorata (who just happened to be the town’s midwife). Lily made great headway infiltrating the cult and the party arrived in town just in time for her initiating ritual / meeting that is taking place on the outskirts of town. Convincing Niska that she has a friend that also wishes to join, Lily brings along the Spiritual Leader of the Nation, Kayla “The Huntress” Stonebreaker to break up the cult. Before a graphic, dark ritual can take place with all the cult members gathered, Kayla shapeshifted into a dire tiger, utterly destroying Niska before she can even react. The surviving cult members are currently in the city’s prison.
3. The Attack on Hargulka: With the assistance of the gnome Jubilost Narthopple and his explorer group, the party stormed Hargulka’s the Troll Lord’s stronghold. Even with the bravery displayed by the Narthopple Expedition, the trolls were too much for the party and their companions to bear. The party and the surviving member of the Narthopple Expedition beat a hasty retreat. Bloodied and hanging their heads down low, the intrepid adventurers and rulers of Greensward have vowed they would return to finish the job they started.

Squatters in the Ruins

This session began where the party left off during the last get-together….exploring the Southern Greenbelt. Key Points:

1. Ancient Elven Ruins: The party discovered it was being inhabited by evil fey / unseelie, comprised of a Grimstalker, a Quickling named Rig Gargadilly and a Baobahn Sith known as the “Dancing Lady” who was served by the two. The Dancing Lady did her captivating dance during combat which affected Dorn and Peekwoh while her alluring wiles had no effect on Edobahn Vooth since no feminine wiles could ever penetrate his love for the same sex embrace he yearns for.

The Dancing Lady, blood drunk from the life fluid she fed from Dorn, had a strategic slip when she decided to lunge after Kayla the Huntress, releasing the men from their mesmerizing bond, turning the tide of the battle. Rig Gargadilly, the nasty, speedy Quickling was taken prisoner and tried for his crimes back in Wardensholm…death by hanging…a quick death.

2. Hodag!!!!! Nuff said.

3. Ancient Dwarven Outpost: The party discovered it is now being occupied by a band of trolls, hellbent on conquest. The party cleverly captured a troll in the watchtower unbeknownst the ones in the outpost. Bringing him back to Wardensholm, they interrogate the POW with the help of a sage that can speak giant, named Grandy. Grandy tells the party that the troll’s name is Vrrroth and he follows an enigmatic troll leader named Hargulka who received dreams/visions of conquest by a mysterious beautiful woman.

The Swordlords of Restov are too concerned about these trolls and request that the leaders of Greensward put an end to Hargulka’s intentions. Discussions about hiring mercenaries to assist the party begin. Svetlana is on the case.

4. Tig Tennersen. Tig Tennersen has been missing for 6+ months at this point (I believe more, I, the DM has lost track). His parents have never given up hope but their misery is always evident on their face when they miserably go about their business in Wardensholm. The party, while back exploring the Southern Greenbelt, find his location…on a small isle populated by lizard men; bound by his ankles over a pit of blood caimans in the lizardman chief’s tent, surrounded by his harem and what appears to be a will o’wisp which he refers to as his anscestor…feeding off of the boy’s fear. And that is where we left off.

A Show of Force

This particular session had some very important and campaign-affecting milestones which will define this newly created nation.

1. The forming of Tatzlford. The party/council met Loy Rezbin and his partner, Latricia (a cleric of Erastil) about their proposal for the founding of a new village within their nation.

2. A shifting of the council. When the party realized that their spymaster, Tyg Tygger-Tut, would not make the greatest of royal spymasters (especially when it was realized she could not uncover any past dirty or prior history of the agent provaceteur, Grigori), a huge shift took place in Baron Peekwoh’s ruling council.

Baron Peekwoh married Svetlana, essentially making them co-rulers. Lily Teskertin took over the position of Spymaster (one that should be well suited for her flirtatious ways), Akiros Ismort, the Paladin of Erastil,became the Grand Diplomat overseeing international relations, Kesten Garess has become the Warden, leading the kingdom’s defense and city guard. Loy Rezbin, the new mayor of Tatzlford, has become the nation’s treasurer as part of the agreement of the terms of the settlement.

3. A dispute was temporarily settled between Peekwoh’s and Edobahn’s respective noble houses over the terms of rulership. Both feel that they their ‘man’ should hold the highest seat of power. Many considered it a slight that the wedding ceremony of Baron Peekwoh and Baroness Svetlana was conducted by Edobahn.

4. Corax & the Loggers vs. Melianse the Water Nixie: The particular dispute was settled with the sword…especially that of General Dorn’s! While this strategically could have been handled diplomatically, the party gained one important thing from this…RESPECT…by both the local tradesman and woodland fey. However, it is undetermined if there are elements of fear and any possible future reprocussions.

Threats within and without 11/15

The session began where we last left off…..a series of murders. The PCs encountered their first threat within the confines of their first city as they discovered a werewolf has been living within the town’s midst. The victim of lycanthropy, a kellid tribesman named Kundal, agreed to make amends even though he was not aware of his actions. He has been placed in indentured servitude at the Temple of Erastil under the direction of Jhod Kavken.

After spending two months within the city, the leaders decide to go exploring once again. Their discoveries lead to an ancient warrior’s barrow, a showdown with the fearless worg, The Howl of the North Winds, and an ambush by a devious creature known as a leucrotta.

Upon returning back to the city with some newly found treasure in hand, the party finds a charismatic speaker/orator talking foul about the new regime to the local townsfolk, who seem to be soundly listening.

The Birth of a Nation

It has been a full year since the nation of Greensward has been founded and its capitol city, Wardenholm built upon the very ground which the infamous Stag Lord made his home. Colonists from Brevoy came south to populate this new nation and begin working as lumberjacks, trappers, hunters, and traders. Noble houses affiliated with Duke Peekwoh of House Orlovsky and Councilor Edobahn Vooth of House Lebeda saw this as an excellent opportunity to expand their power base. Proud tribesmen and tribeswomen of Clan Stonebreaker followed as well.

During that year, the Captial City faced a small incursion of bandits, remnants loyal to the Stag Lord seeking revenge of their revered leader. The infamous highwaywoman, The Silver Stiletto, was also quickly caught and put to death, boosting the confidence of the people that their rulers believe in swift justice. However, its rulers were not immune to scandal as it was exposed that Baron Peekwoh was carrying on an affair with Grand Diplomat turned Magister Svetlana Leveton. Suffice to say, Treasurer Oleg Leveton was none too pleased. He quickly divorced Svetlana, resigned his position of treasurer, and left in an unknown directoring, vowing revenge upon Peekwoh and Svetlana.

After the party slowly began building their nation, the lure of adventure and exploration creeped once again by deciding to check out the area around Tuskwater Lake. Shaking off the rust from being away from the action for a year, the party did not miss a beat after defeating Old Crackjaw, a carnivorous man-sized turtle. However, the party nearly was beat not soon afterwards by a 25ft tendrilicous who reminded everyone just how dangerous the deep wilds of the Greenbelt can be.

The ancient, mysterious and haunting Candlemere Tower located on an island in the middle of Tuskwater lake was also discovered (The party later learned that this area was an ancient worship area to the alien entity known as Yog-Sothoth). Otherwise, this location, once Hallowed, can proved to be an excellent area to build a city.

The party also met a couple of interesting natives of this area; The Old Beldame and Jubilost Narthopple of the Narthopple Expedition (see NPC section).

Deciding to travel through Wardensholm in order to investigate the Lonely Barrow, the party discovers that not all is well in their capital city as they learn there has been some murders…

Session Four
After the "Stag Party"

Much was accomplished on this fourth session as the party closed the first chapter of this campaign with gusto and an entire kingdom to be created to come.

The following is a brief summary of what took place:

The basement of the Stag Lord’s fort: The party finds a hefty bandit loot stash and the Stag Lord’s broken down, creepy old father hanging on the ceiling and then turning into wolverine summoning swarms and a giant the name of the foul god, Gozreh!. The Sins of the Father come to a crashing halt (and drop from the ceiling) after the party defeats him in a pitch battle with plenty of spider bites.

Loot is found amongst the Stag Lord and the others. Loot is counted up and divided. Time to FINALLY go exploring (after an hour of leveling up t o 3rd)....below in no particular order

1. Met the hermit/alchemist Bokken. Needs fangberries to make his potions taste better. Party obliges.

2. Trapped Thylacine: Found him in an open pit. Some consideration of Kayla taking him as a druidic companion but decides to stick with Scar before setting him free. Scar relieved.

3. Fangberry Thicket found! Chew spider swarms also found! Ouch!

4. Tatzylwyrm Den: 1 Died while quietly and politely sunning in a nest of skeletons and corpses. The other tatzylyrm put up a good fight. One head taken to Oleg for his trophy room.

5. Dead Unicorn:....sans one unicorn horn. Everything rotting around it except the Unicorn itself. Party determined that a spell such as a ‘Finger of Death’ killed it. Party does not know what is lurking in its woods. :-)

6. Tuskgutter’s Lair: Scar’s relief was very brief. (Don, I will send you the information on Tuskgutter to help him advance as you advance in level). Kayla is now an official bad ass of Erastil.

7. Boggard’s lair: Party meets Garuum the Boggard but communication is brief since you have no idea what he said. You think he is a ruler of one in his hex. Perhaps if you guys score a comprehend language scroll or equivalent, you can find out his most intriguing story.

8. Statue of Erastil: Found. Erastil worshipers pray to it…their weapons temporarily become keen weopns. Cool.

9. Forgotten Cache: Found an old bandit cache that included a Wand of Burning Hands. Comes in ‘handy’ against swarms.

10. Temple of the Elk: Found. Jhod Kavken and Akiros Asimort now have a temple to call home…worshippers and pilgrims to follow.

11. Spider Nest: Annoying fight with a trap door spider.

12. Dead Trapper and the Trap Filled Glade: Party stumbles on the corpse of Breeg Orlivanch, who was the victim of foul play while setting up a nasty trap (who has set up a bunch of illegal traps in the local forest). Party meets the fae who directly were involved in his untimely but well deserved demise, Tyg-Titter-Tut the Grig and Pervilash the Faerie Dragon. Both were very friendly to the party and promise to stick around and assist wherever possible.

13. Barbarian Cairn: Party finds an ancient barbarian’s grave. Dorn does not want it disturbed. Peekwoh casts detect magic. Dorn wants it disturbed. Dorn now has a Ring of Swimming. :-)

And that sums it up. I will have new NPCs that you have met on the NPC section tomrrow. XP will be posted on the forum tomorrow as well….you guys should have enough now to get to 4th!


Session Three
Against the Stag Lord

After taking a small rest at Oleg’s from their last foray in The Greenbelt, the party decides to head back into the wilds to take the fight directly to the infamous Stag Lord and his bandits.

Making the journey to the Stag Lord’s fortress, an old Taldor colonist compound, the party disguised themselves as bandits that worked along with the deceased/hung Happs Bydon in order to gain access to the Stag Lord in order to kill him.

Everything pretty much goes according to plan. An owlbear kept in a pen as the Stag Lord’s pet proved to be an excellent and deadly distraction. The first to fall, literally, was Falgrim Sneed, the old soldier turned bandit who Captain Kesten Garess has been looking for. Otherwise, the party found an ally amongst the bandits in an ex paladin of Erastil named Akiros Ismort (see PC/NPC section) who did an excellent job holding the Stag Lord at bay (and taking a grievous wound that could have killed ny of the party members) in time for the group to dispatch him.

Through Akiros, the party gained much insight in the Stag Lord’s backstory (now updated in the PC/NPC section), especially that of him being raised by his father…a broken druid who happens to be kept in the fort’s cellar by the Stag Lord for his own personal reason.

In the next session, the party will find out exactly what is going on in that basement..before going about staking their claim in The Greenbelt.

Session Two: Of Mites and Men...well, Kobolds.

The session started off with the party leaving Oleg’s Trading Post to explore and map land south. After finding a hidden gold mine which might prove to be quite prosperous in the future, they also discovered that a war on a small scale is occuring on the land they have been chartered to conquer. A tribe of kobolds called Clan Sootscale (named after its Chief, Sootscale) has been warring with a tribe of malicious, festering mites that have taken up residence under a landmark 100 ft old sycamore tree.

Trying to forge a possible alliance with the Kobolds, the party meets with their chief and learns that a ‘sacred relic’ to Old Sharptooth, a winged kobold deity (that resembles a horned devil) has been stolen by the tribe of mites. Old Sharptooth was introduced to the kobolds a few months back when a traveling kobold shaman named Tartuk joined Clan Sootscale. Since his joining, he encouraged the tribe in engaging in strikes against the mites, even with the odds in numbers against them. With the ‘magical statue’ stolen, he sent more kobolds to their deaths in order to retrieve it while sacrificing others that were not worthy of Old Sharptooth.

THe party agrees to retrieve the statue in return for forming a peace treaty with Clan Sootscale. The adventurers raid the OLd Sycamore trees fighting a pitch battle against the mites and their pets, mainly a huge whip tail centipede and a giant tick. Retrieving the statue, they return it back to Clan Sootscale. Chief Sootscale comes to the realization that Tartuk is a usurper and asks the PCs to help in dispatching him. It is then discovered that this ‘holy kobold’ was actually born a gnome..but was reincarnated into a kobold, a race that he loathed. Tartuk traveled the River Kingdoms as a kobold ingraining himself with the various tribes and destroying them from within, using his sorcerous ability and the teachings of “Old Sharptooth”. Chief Sootscale is very grateful for the party’s actions and quite pleased that his tribe was granted the land and Old Sycamore tree to expand their tribe.

The party journeyed back to rest and trade supplies at Oleg’s Fort. There, they get a missive from the Sword Lords of Restov…a proclomation / write that the Stag Lord is wanted: Dead or Alive. Once that is complete, a represenatative of the Swordlords will come and verify the claim. As a reward, the Sword Lords will provide the adventurers funding, colonists, builders, materials, etc to set up a new capital city in their new territory.

First Session: The Exploration Begins....

The party, all proud citizens of Brevoy, have heeded the call and received their writs giving them the right to explore and map the Greenbelt, a section of the Stolen Lands that lies on the nations’ southern borders…lawless, overgrown, and filled with a variety of bandits and creatures that have been becoming a growing threat.

The party members consist of the following:

Dorn from Clan Stonebreaker, barbarian Kayla from Clan Stonebreaker, green faith druid and sister to Dorn. Accompanied by her wolf, Scar. Tror, dwarven fighter and blacksmith Edobahn Vooth, Cleric of Abadar and member of the Lebeda noble family Peekwoh, halfling summoner and adopted by noble family Orlovsky. Accompanied by his furry catepillar eidolon, Meezou.

Meeting at Oleg’s Trading Post (which has become somewhat of their home base), they are quickly introduced to their two proprietors, Oleg and Svetlana Leveton. They ask for the party’s assistance in a grave manner….bandits from the Stolen Lands have been asking for payments in furs, money and other goods from their business…one in which if they do not pay, Svetlana is to be the payment…according to the very rude gestures by two of the bandit leaders, Happs Bydon and Kressle, his somewhat ‘girlfriend’. Oleg’s Trading Post has been approved by the govt of Restov to have a small garrison of 4 guards posted for protection. Unfortuantley, they are arriving a day after the bandits are next due. The party ambushes Happs and his cronies on the morning of one of these transactions and discover that he is part of a larger hierarchy led by a mysterious bandit leader known as The Stag Lord. Before being executed (and his request for Svetlana to be his ‘final meal’ which was met with a swift kick in the balls), he pointed out where he can find Kressle’s camp, who acts as a lieutenant for the Stag Lord.

The party travels to the camp site and quickly learns of the rigors of the terrain and how quickly food supplies can be depleted. A pitch battle ensues between the bandits and the party. Kressle succeeded in besting both members of Clan Stonebreaker with the deft use of her hand axes. But in the end, the party succeded and overcame the odds. In the process, the PCs learn a little bit more about the Stag Lord (see NPC section)

Returning back to Oleg’s, the party meets the new guard captain and his three men sent to protect the fort as well as a Cleric of Erastil named Jhod Kavken (see NPC section). The party is ready to explore and conquer the unknown wilds of the Stolen Lands.

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