Conquest of the Stolen Lands

Threats within and without 11/15

The session began where we last left off…..a series of murders. The PCs encountered their first threat within the confines of their first city as they discovered a werewolf has been living within the town’s midst. The victim of lycanthropy, a kellid tribesman named Kundal, agreed to make amends even though he was not aware of his actions. He has been placed in indentured servitude at the Temple of Erastil under the direction of Jhod Kavken.

After spending two months within the city, the leaders decide to go exploring once again. Their discoveries lead to an ancient warrior’s barrow, a showdown with the fearless worg, The Howl of the North Winds, and an ambush by a devious creature known as a leucrotta.

Upon returning back to the city with some newly found treasure in hand, the party finds a charismatic speaker/orator talking foul about the new regime to the local townsfolk, who seem to be soundly listening.



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