Conquest of the Stolen Lands

Squatters in the Ruins

This session began where the party left off during the last get-together….exploring the Southern Greenbelt. Key Points:

1. Ancient Elven Ruins: The party discovered it was being inhabited by evil fey / unseelie, comprised of a Grimstalker, a Quickling named Rig Gargadilly and a Baobahn Sith known as the “Dancing Lady” who was served by the two. The Dancing Lady did her captivating dance during combat which affected Dorn and Peekwoh while her alluring wiles had no effect on Edobahn Vooth since no feminine wiles could ever penetrate his love for the same sex embrace he yearns for.

The Dancing Lady, blood drunk from the life fluid she fed from Dorn, had a strategic slip when she decided to lunge after Kayla the Huntress, releasing the men from their mesmerizing bond, turning the tide of the battle. Rig Gargadilly, the nasty, speedy Quickling was taken prisoner and tried for his crimes back in Wardensholm…death by hanging…a quick death.

2. Hodag!!!!! Nuff said.

3. Ancient Dwarven Outpost: The party discovered it is now being occupied by a band of trolls, hellbent on conquest. The party cleverly captured a troll in the watchtower unbeknownst the ones in the outpost. Bringing him back to Wardensholm, they interrogate the POW with the help of a sage that can speak giant, named Grandy. Grandy tells the party that the troll’s name is Vrrroth and he follows an enigmatic troll leader named Hargulka who received dreams/visions of conquest by a mysterious beautiful woman.

The Swordlords of Restov are too concerned about these trolls and request that the leaders of Greensward put an end to Hargulka’s intentions. Discussions about hiring mercenaries to assist the party begin. Svetlana is on the case.

4. Tig Tennersen. Tig Tennersen has been missing for 6+ months at this point (I believe more, I, the DM has lost track). His parents have never given up hope but their misery is always evident on their face when they miserably go about their business in Wardensholm. The party, while back exploring the Southern Greenbelt, find his location…on a small isle populated by lizard men; bound by his ankles over a pit of blood caimans in the lizardman chief’s tent, surrounded by his harem and what appears to be a will o’wisp which he refers to as his anscestor…feeding off of the boy’s fear. And that is where we left off.



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