Conquest of the Stolen Lands

Session Two: Of Mites and Men...well, Kobolds.

The session started off with the party leaving Oleg’s Trading Post to explore and map land south. After finding a hidden gold mine which might prove to be quite prosperous in the future, they also discovered that a war on a small scale is occuring on the land they have been chartered to conquer. A tribe of kobolds called Clan Sootscale (named after its Chief, Sootscale) has been warring with a tribe of malicious, festering mites that have taken up residence under a landmark 100 ft old sycamore tree.

Trying to forge a possible alliance with the Kobolds, the party meets with their chief and learns that a ‘sacred relic’ to Old Sharptooth, a winged kobold deity (that resembles a horned devil) has been stolen by the tribe of mites. Old Sharptooth was introduced to the kobolds a few months back when a traveling kobold shaman named Tartuk joined Clan Sootscale. Since his joining, he encouraged the tribe in engaging in strikes against the mites, even with the odds in numbers against them. With the ‘magical statue’ stolen, he sent more kobolds to their deaths in order to retrieve it while sacrificing others that were not worthy of Old Sharptooth.

THe party agrees to retrieve the statue in return for forming a peace treaty with Clan Sootscale. The adventurers raid the OLd Sycamore trees fighting a pitch battle against the mites and their pets, mainly a huge whip tail centipede and a giant tick. Retrieving the statue, they return it back to Clan Sootscale. Chief Sootscale comes to the realization that Tartuk is a usurper and asks the PCs to help in dispatching him. It is then discovered that this ‘holy kobold’ was actually born a gnome..but was reincarnated into a kobold, a race that he loathed. Tartuk traveled the River Kingdoms as a kobold ingraining himself with the various tribes and destroying them from within, using his sorcerous ability and the teachings of “Old Sharptooth”. Chief Sootscale is very grateful for the party’s actions and quite pleased that his tribe was granted the land and Old Sycamore tree to expand their tribe.

The party journeyed back to rest and trade supplies at Oleg’s Fort. There, they get a missive from the Sword Lords of Restov…a proclomation / write that the Stag Lord is wanted: Dead or Alive. Once that is complete, a represenatative of the Swordlords will come and verify the claim. As a reward, the Sword Lords will provide the adventurers funding, colonists, builders, materials, etc to set up a new capital city in their new territory.



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