Conquest of the Stolen Lands

Session Three

Against the Stag Lord

After taking a small rest at Oleg’s from their last foray in The Greenbelt, the party decides to head back into the wilds to take the fight directly to the infamous Stag Lord and his bandits.

Making the journey to the Stag Lord’s fortress, an old Taldor colonist compound, the party disguised themselves as bandits that worked along with the deceased/hung Happs Bydon in order to gain access to the Stag Lord in order to kill him.

Everything pretty much goes according to plan. An owlbear kept in a pen as the Stag Lord’s pet proved to be an excellent and deadly distraction. The first to fall, literally, was Falgrim Sneed, the old soldier turned bandit who Captain Kesten Garess has been looking for. Otherwise, the party found an ally amongst the bandits in an ex paladin of Erastil named Akiros Ismort (see PC/NPC section) who did an excellent job holding the Stag Lord at bay (and taking a grievous wound that could have killed ny of the party members) in time for the group to dispatch him.

Through Akiros, the party gained much insight in the Stag Lord’s backstory (now updated in the PC/NPC section), especially that of him being raised by his father…a broken druid who happens to be kept in the fort’s cellar by the Stag Lord for his own personal reason.

In the next session, the party will find out exactly what is going on in that basement..before going about staking their claim in The Greenbelt.



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