Conquest of the Stolen Lands

Session Four

After the "Stag Party"

Much was accomplished on this fourth session as the party closed the first chapter of this campaign with gusto and an entire kingdom to be created to come.

The following is a brief summary of what took place:

The basement of the Stag Lord’s fort: The party finds a hefty bandit loot stash and the Stag Lord’s broken down, creepy old father hanging on the ceiling and then turning into wolverine summoning swarms and a giant the name of the foul god, Gozreh!. The Sins of the Father come to a crashing halt (and drop from the ceiling) after the party defeats him in a pitch battle with plenty of spider bites.

Loot is found amongst the Stag Lord and the others. Loot is counted up and divided. Time to FINALLY go exploring (after an hour of leveling up t o 3rd)....below in no particular order

1. Met the hermit/alchemist Bokken. Needs fangberries to make his potions taste better. Party obliges.

2. Trapped Thylacine: Found him in an open pit. Some consideration of Kayla taking him as a druidic companion but decides to stick with Scar before setting him free. Scar relieved.

3. Fangberry Thicket found! Chew spider swarms also found! Ouch!

4. Tatzylwyrm Den: 1 Died while quietly and politely sunning in a nest of skeletons and corpses. The other tatzylyrm put up a good fight. One head taken to Oleg for his trophy room.

5. Dead Unicorn:....sans one unicorn horn. Everything rotting around it except the Unicorn itself. Party determined that a spell such as a ‘Finger of Death’ killed it. Party does not know what is lurking in its woods. :-)

6. Tuskgutter’s Lair: Scar’s relief was very brief. (Don, I will send you the information on Tuskgutter to help him advance as you advance in level). Kayla is now an official bad ass of Erastil.

7. Boggard’s lair: Party meets Garuum the Boggard but communication is brief since you have no idea what he said. You think he is a ruler of one in his hex. Perhaps if you guys score a comprehend language scroll or equivalent, you can find out his most intriguing story.

8. Statue of Erastil: Found. Erastil worshipers pray to it…their weapons temporarily become keen weopns. Cool.

9. Forgotten Cache: Found an old bandit cache that included a Wand of Burning Hands. Comes in ‘handy’ against swarms.

10. Temple of the Elk: Found. Jhod Kavken and Akiros Asimort now have a temple to call home…worshippers and pilgrims to follow.

11. Spider Nest: Annoying fight with a trap door spider.

12. Dead Trapper and the Trap Filled Glade: Party stumbles on the corpse of Breeg Orlivanch, who was the victim of foul play while setting up a nasty trap (who has set up a bunch of illegal traps in the local forest). Party meets the fae who directly were involved in his untimely but well deserved demise, Tyg-Titter-Tut the Grig and Pervilash the Faerie Dragon. Both were very friendly to the party and promise to stick around and assist wherever possible.

13. Barbarian Cairn: Party finds an ancient barbarian’s grave. Dorn does not want it disturbed. Peekwoh casts detect magic. Dorn wants it disturbed. Dorn now has a Ring of Swimming. :-)

And that sums it up. I will have new NPCs that you have met on the NPC section tomrrow. XP will be posted on the forum tomorrow as well….you guys should have enough now to get to 4th!




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