Conquest of the Stolen Lands

First Session: The Exploration Begins....

The party, all proud citizens of Brevoy, have heeded the call and received their writs giving them the right to explore and map the Greenbelt, a section of the Stolen Lands that lies on the nations’ southern borders…lawless, overgrown, and filled with a variety of bandits and creatures that have been becoming a growing threat.

The party members consist of the following:

Dorn from Clan Stonebreaker, barbarian Kayla from Clan Stonebreaker, green faith druid and sister to Dorn. Accompanied by her wolf, Scar. Tror, dwarven fighter and blacksmith Edobahn Vooth, Cleric of Abadar and member of the Lebeda noble family Peekwoh, halfling summoner and adopted by noble family Orlovsky. Accompanied by his furry catepillar eidolon, Meezou.

Meeting at Oleg’s Trading Post (which has become somewhat of their home base), they are quickly introduced to their two proprietors, Oleg and Svetlana Leveton. They ask for the party’s assistance in a grave manner….bandits from the Stolen Lands have been asking for payments in furs, money and other goods from their business…one in which if they do not pay, Svetlana is to be the payment…according to the very rude gestures by two of the bandit leaders, Happs Bydon and Kressle, his somewhat ‘girlfriend’. Oleg’s Trading Post has been approved by the govt of Restov to have a small garrison of 4 guards posted for protection. Unfortuantley, they are arriving a day after the bandits are next due. The party ambushes Happs and his cronies on the morning of one of these transactions and discover that he is part of a larger hierarchy led by a mysterious bandit leader known as The Stag Lord. Before being executed (and his request for Svetlana to be his ‘final meal’ which was met with a swift kick in the balls), he pointed out where he can find Kressle’s camp, who acts as a lieutenant for the Stag Lord.

The party travels to the camp site and quickly learns of the rigors of the terrain and how quickly food supplies can be depleted. A pitch battle ensues between the bandits and the party. Kressle succeeded in besting both members of Clan Stonebreaker with the deft use of her hand axes. But in the end, the party succeded and overcame the odds. In the process, the PCs learn a little bit more about the Stag Lord (see NPC section)

Returning back to Oleg’s, the party meets the new guard captain and his three men sent to protect the fort as well as a Cleric of Erastil named Jhod Kavken (see NPC section). The party is ready to explore and conquer the unknown wilds of the Stolen Lands.



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