Conquest of the Stolen Lands

A Stinging Defeat

I apologize for not getting this journal entry to you sooner. Experience Points to come tonight. Three key events took place in this session:

1. The Rescue of Tig Tennersen: The session started right off with last game’s Cliffhanger finish. Poor little Tig hung up by his ankles over a pit of blood caims in the hut of King Vesket, where he is praying to his ‘ancestral spirit’ who just happens to be a will o’wisp unbeknownst to him. The party goes on a daring rescue, cleverly sneaking their way onto their walled island village. General Dorn Stonebreaker literally tore the ‘large and in charge’ King Vesket in half while the party dealt with the will O Wisp with acute efficiency. With the King dethroned, the lizard folk harem declared themselves to Dorn. Believing it to be a bad idea, Dorn passed the crown onto one of the Lizard Folk braves, while ensuring that the lizard folk tribe swear fealty to the rulership of Greensward. He did however, get to spend a night with the Lady Lizards before handing over the crown. Tig was returned to his parents back in Wardensholm, physically and mentally damaged from over 6 months of abuse by the Wisp.
2. The Cult of Gyronna: When the party returned back to Wardensholm, Duchess Svetlana and Nation Spymaster / Flirt Lily Teskertin warned the party that a Cult of Gyronna, the Hag Goddess of Malice and Spite has been taking hold in the city, with a barmaid, two prostitutes, and three gilted lovers succumbing to the dark lure of the high priestess, Niska Mazgorata (who just happened to be the town’s midwife). Lily made great headway infiltrating the cult and the party arrived in town just in time for her initiating ritual / meeting that is taking place on the outskirts of town. Convincing Niska that she has a friend that also wishes to join, Lily brings along the Spiritual Leader of the Nation, Kayla “The Huntress” Stonebreaker to break up the cult. Before a graphic, dark ritual can take place with all the cult members gathered, Kayla shapeshifted into a dire tiger, utterly destroying Niska before she can even react. The surviving cult members are currently in the city’s prison.
3. The Attack on Hargulka: With the assistance of the gnome Jubilost Narthopple and his explorer group, the party stormed Hargulka’s the Troll Lord’s stronghold. Even with the bravery displayed by the Narthopple Expedition, the trolls were too much for the party and their companions to bear. The party and the surviving member of the Narthopple Expedition beat a hasty retreat. Bloodied and hanging their heads down low, the intrepid adventurers and rulers of Greensward have vowed they would return to finish the job they started.



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