Conquest of the Stolen Lands

A Show of Force

This particular session had some very important and campaign-affecting milestones which will define this newly created nation.

1. The forming of Tatzlford. The party/council met Loy Rezbin and his partner, Latricia (a cleric of Erastil) about their proposal for the founding of a new village within their nation.

2. A shifting of the council. When the party realized that their spymaster, Tyg Tygger-Tut, would not make the greatest of royal spymasters (especially when it was realized she could not uncover any past dirty or prior history of the agent provaceteur, Grigori), a huge shift took place in Baron Peekwoh’s ruling council.

Baron Peekwoh married Svetlana, essentially making them co-rulers. Lily Teskertin took over the position of Spymaster (one that should be well suited for her flirtatious ways), Akiros Ismort, the Paladin of Erastil,became the Grand Diplomat overseeing international relations, Kesten Garess has become the Warden, leading the kingdom’s defense and city guard. Loy Rezbin, the new mayor of Tatzlford, has become the nation’s treasurer as part of the agreement of the terms of the settlement.

3. A dispute was temporarily settled between Peekwoh’s and Edobahn’s respective noble houses over the terms of rulership. Both feel that they their ‘man’ should hold the highest seat of power. Many considered it a slight that the wedding ceremony of Baron Peekwoh and Baroness Svetlana was conducted by Edobahn.

4. Corax & the Loggers vs. Melianse the Water Nixie: The particular dispute was settled with the sword…especially that of General Dorn’s! While this strategically could have been handled diplomatically, the party gained one important thing from this…RESPECT…by both the local tradesman and woodland fey. However, it is undetermined if there are elements of fear and any possible future reprocussions.



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